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No dren right? Right....


Don't let this place be a missing link. A banner's above and the address to use is, I can't make it any easier.

Got Gigi? Best place to go is still Gigi Enthusiasts. They also have a bboard where you might find me and a links listing.

Best place to go for Chiana is still ExquisiteIrony's Chiana website. EI's da man.

The dears CheekyChi and pipsthief have a website of their own for the John & Bob fic they've been writing for years.

For something different, someone had started a John and Chiana 'shipper site called Brave and Crazy that's now morphed into a yahoo! mailing list. Yahoo!

You could also see Gigi Edgley's own website.

WordEdgleyWise features Gigi press, articles and stuff, although it hasn't been updated in years as I write this, maybe for a lack of press to update it with for all I know, which is pretty frelling depressing isn't it.

The following little sites don't appear likely to be updated anymore but I'm including them because there's just not enough Chi in the world.

A Different Shade Of Gray was, hell is, the cutest darn Chiana site.

There are some simple old Chi sketches at PictureChi's.

On a more upbeat note if you want to check out the larger Farscape scene there's always Terra Firma bboard and Farscape World website.

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My muse is to blame for this dren. Jim Henson Company owns Farscape and all property including intellectual properties that pertain to it in any way.